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DiaLife Mini

DiaLife MiniPC download
The DiaLife Mini blood glucose management software which is the PC-based software running on Microsoft Windows Operation System can help users download test results from DiaTrue Plus blood glucose meter.

Intend To Use:

This software is designed for data transmission from meter to users' computer with DiaTrue Plus Blood Glucose Monitoring System and help users manage their test results.

Users will need both of USB Cable and cable driver (which is inside "Dialife Mini setup tool" attached below) to initiate "DiaLife Mini". Firstly, users should install the cable driver. Secondly, insert DiaTrue USB cable into both computer side and meter side correctly. Finally, initiate DiaLife Mini to download the data stored in DiaTrue Plus meter.

This software only can be used for DiaTrue Plus, and help users to download their test records.


The system includes:

  • The DiaTrue Plus blood glucose meter,
  • The DiaTrue USB cable,
  • The DiaLife Mini setup tool.
diatrue plus cableDiaLife Mini

Model Update Installation file
DiaLife Mini setup tool
11/23/2015 Download
DiaLife Mini user manual
09/23/2013 Download
DiaLife Mini setup tool for DiaTruePlus
09/27/2013 Download
DiaLife Mini user manual for DiaTruePlus
09/27/2013 Download



  • The DiaLife Mini does not recommend any particular form of therapy. Please consult with your physician before determining use of the blood glucose reports.
  • The DiaTrue Plus bood glucose meter is for signle patient home use only.


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