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  DelBio Inc. which is a branch biotechnology company belonging to Delta Electronics Group, which is one of the top global high technology industries in the world, is in charge of biomedical products business.

  DelBio Inc. has been founded in May of the year 2010 and receives the existing Biomedical products and R & D platforms from Delta Electronics Group to become a novel, professional  and independent company integrating top R&D ability, strict manufacturing and QA system, global manufacturing and sales team.

  DelBio’s forerunner is the Biomedical Engineering Department of Delta Electronics Inc. This department was founded because of Delta’s industrial social responsibility to offer higher quality products to people and foreseeing the growing demand of biomedical products by the public as time goes by. Therefore, Delta group has been investing various resources in biomedical products & its R&D by the end of  2005.

  Besides the existing excellent products relative R&D ability, research platform and production; DelBio also constantly cooperates with various international well-known R&D institutes and universities to develop novel products and also invest in biomedical technology revolution. Therefore with continuously improvement and experience accumulation, we believe that DelBio can achieve the view "Developing the best and highest quality biomedical products to improve people’s quality of life".

DELBio, Inc. has established its quality management system according to ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 standards. With a strict control of quality management, most of its products have been CE marked and some products have been approved by FDA 510(K) Premarket Notification.

 1. Start: 
2005 - Delta group has been investing various resources in biomedical products & its R&D. 
2010 - DelBio Inc. is founded.

2. Medical device manufacturer:
2009 - Delta Electronics got Taiwan GMP and ISO-13485 certification.
2011 - DELBio INC. got Taiwan GMP and ISO-13485 certification.

3. Product certification:
2010 - Got DiaCheck series CE certification.
2011 - Got SFDA.
2011 - Got FDA.


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