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Blood Glucose Meter

Using our current blood glucose detection sensor technology for many other physiological analyses have been developed such as uric acid, cholesterol, HbA1c, and etc.
New products are scheduled to be launched in the market from our platform technologies and our department is trying to expand its business capability in conjunction with several global partners.

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Nebulizerphoto - nebulizer

DELBio Mesh nebulizer features state-of-the art mesh technology offering high nebulization rate with MMAD favorable for lung absorption. Based on computational fluid dynamic technology, a patented chamber design provides easy cleaning configuration associating with low residual liquid volume. The chamber is fabricated with BPA-free material and also can be disinfected with boiling water or steam from autoclave.

Pulse Oximeter

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter integrates innovative ,non-invasive technologies for monitoring oxygen saturation and pulse rate. Our Pulse Oximeter is accurate, versatile and reliable for both professional and home healthcare settings. 

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